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As we embark on the mission to empower stepfamilies through a Stepfamily community we would welcome any ideas, suggestions, or questions you will share with us. Please participate in our vision of raising self-esteem in-step and providing a voice for stepfamilies in Northern New Jersey.

Our Readers Respond...

* .... My son and my daughter get along with my special-other very well. My son, age 17, asked if we were going to get married. I told him I was not sure, we had not been discussing it. He said,"That's okay, Mom, but if you are going to break up, please wait until I go to college." (Thanks to Terri for her anecdote.)

* .... When you gather your children together to create a stepfamily, you hope they will find some common ground. Much to our dismay, our teens have found the common bond of traffic violations! Recently my nearly 19 year old son came home, noticed his stepbrother (age 17) on the couch and exclaimed, "Hey, nice job! I heard you're a criminal too. They proceeded to give each other a high five and their bond was solidified." (Thanks, again, to Sheli Dansky-Danzinger)

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Notes from the President

The word "stepfamily" or any other step combination IS NOT HYPHENATED. The spell-check programs on most computer software programs hyphenate the words and it is definitely an annoyance. Sometimes, even our own literature does not catch all of those "corrections".

The media seems to have a love affair with the designation "blended family." "Blended" is like hearing chalk screech on a chalkboard. Stepfamilies are not blended! Healthy ones recognize that children from prior relationships have two families and do not blend solely into one family. Stepfamilies that try to ignore this reality are typically doomed to either failure or considerable unhappiness on the part of several or all of the stepfamily members. We are combined families, extended families, expanded families, almost anything is better than blended as a designation!

Dr. Marjorie Engel, President of the Stepfamily Association of America

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